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  • Menlo Park Residents

    Menlo Park: Residents Living in Menlo Park, California means enjoying the gorgeous weather of Northern California while benefitting from the perks of being a well-developed and affluent city. Young professionals, growing families and outdoor lovers are attracted to Menlo Park. With the majority of its 32,000 residents having an advanced degree, Menlo Park is a highly educated city with wel ... Read More

  • Menlo Park San Francisco/Oakland

    Menlo Park: San Francisco Day Trip Located just 40 minutes from Menlo Park, San Francisco is an ideal place to escape to for a day of shopping, dining, family fun, culture, sightseeing and pampering. San Francisco day trips from Menlo Park can start with a simple car ride to any of the city's diverse neighborhoods. If you want to make your day trip to San Francisco a little more memorable, ... Read More

  • Menlo Park Family Fun

    Menlo Park: Family Fun Menlo Park offers a unique blend of convenience, natural beauty, neighborhood charm, and community amenities with an emphasis on family. Menlo Park family fun includes a little something for everyone. There is no shortage of neighborhood parks, pools, and other spots, like the zoo, that’s perfect for kids of all ages - and adults, too! A lot of the family activitie ... Read More

  • Menlo Park Things To Do

    Things To Do In Menlo Park There is no shortage of things to do in Menlo Park. You will find a little of everything, from bike trails and walking paths to charming neighborhood shops and area attractions such as museums and a historic train station. Take some time to explore local communities and you'll find plenty to do, from bars and nightclubs to community events such as block parties a ... Read More

  • Menlo Park Community

    Menlo Park: Community Menlo Park, a part of the Bay Area, is made up of diverse communities with unique style and charm found in each one. The City of Menlo Park has been designated as a Tree City USA community, an honor earned because of the more than 10,000 trees scattered throughout local communities. The lifestyle here is enjoyable, and it is a good place for a career, thanks to a loca ... Read More

  • Menlo Park Emergency Services

    Menlo Park: Emergency Services Menlo Park isn't just a picturesque community with ties to high-tech industries. It is also a community with easy access to essential services such as police and fire departments along with first-rate medical facilities and staff. The City of Menlo Park also has an Emergency Notification System that residents can sign up for to receive emergency alerts in the ... Read More

  • History Of Menlo Park

    Menlo Park: History The town of Menlo Park has two anniversary dates. The town was first incorporated in 1874 by Irish immigrants Dennis J. Oliver and D. C. McGlynn. The Menlo Park dates to the 1850s. This is when Oliver and McGlynn gave the town a name based on a community in their native country. The pair used a Spanish land grant to purchase a 1,700-acre piece of land, characterized by ... Read More

  • About Menlo Park

    About Menlo Park Originally, early settlers came to California due to the area's natural beauty and rustic charm. Menlo Park, a part of the San Francisco Bay Area of California, embraces the best of both worlds found in California today. The average commuter time is about 24 minutes, emphasizing a balance of work and play found here. Many Menlo Park communities represent a rural setting ... Read More

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  • Menlo Park is a beautiful and culturally rich area of San Francisco. Menlo Park is located on the eastern edge of San Mateo County, in the San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco Bay borders it on the n...Read More
  • The main Menlo Park, California school district is the Menlo Park City School District, although the area is also served by the Sequoia Union High School District. This school district includes hig...Read More
  • Menlo Park, a part of the Bay Area, is made up of diverse communities with unique style and charm found in each one. The City of Menlo Park has been designated as a Tree City USA community, an hono...Read More

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